That awkward moment when…

  • You realize it’s squash and not some orange juice, so there’s at least twice the right quantity of it in your glass.
  • You’ve been waiting to see a music video for a few weeks/months, and when you see it, it’s not that good, really.
  • You understand your new fictional crush looks a bit like your actual living more-than-crush, only with longer and curly hair.
  • You wonder if the previous awkward moment may just be caused by the fact that you didn’t see him for a very long, too long time.
  • You learn that one of your oldest (and eldest :p) blog-friend is not gonna have his first daughter but his second one. (I was probably wandering on another planet with The Doctor at that time)
  • You start to tag a reblogged picture of one of your celeb crushes, and as the name appears in capitals you think « OMG capitals, the keyboard reads my mind », but really it’s because you forgot to unlock caps after using a key-shortcut. And you knew it, but thinking the computer read your mind is so much more funny.
  • You see that you have – on your blog – a tag like this: « Qu’en est-il du céleri ? ». And you don’t remember at all WTF THIS IS ABOUT ?! IDEK

Share your awkwards moments too 😀

I think I’ll do that on a regular basis. I’ll have enough material, as sure as Ian Somerhalder is sexy.


(Putain il est pas trop chou, sérieux ??)

(Je vais me coucher, je crois que c’est nécessaire)

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