Double Ten


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So. I won’t be talking about Ten and his almost human double, sorry. I just found out about the Top Ten Tuesday on The Broke and the Bookish and I wanted to do last week’s top ten, even though it’s sunday (yes, I know, you’ll read this on Tuesday).

^ what is TTT about next week ? ^

Last week Top Ten :

Top Ten Character’s I’d Like to Be Best Friends With

I couldn’t think of ten, but I have a podium.

1. Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter series)
First reason but not the most important, it’s – well – I’d be closer to her brother. But she really is great. We knew her as a shy little girl because Harry was here (he’s always here, that moron)(I’m sayong that with affection) but she’s brave – wait, that’s not the reason why I like her, bravery is foolish. No, she knows how to reply to her taunting brothers, she knows how to reply to her possessive brother, she knew how to steal another’s brother’s broomstick and learn Quidditch, AND she knows how to conjure a really good Bat Bogey hex, which can be very useful in all sorts of situations. What I like too, is that even though she becomes cool and popular, she doesn’t forget to use her brain and she doesn’t ignore « uncool » friends like Neville and Luna.

2. Skullduggery Pleasant
Well I’m not sure about the exact nature of this love yet, because, you know, he’s a skeleton… I have dead crushes, I have under-age crushes (all of them fictional, don’t worry), but a skeleton would be a first. So I’ll put him here cause I’m still getting used to the idea and thinking about it (thinking about a crush… how stupid is that ?).
It’s mainly because of his sense of humour. I love sarcastic people. I love fire and he knows how to play with it. In a more literary way, I love that this character has his limits, he’s really not invincible, but he is cunning. And I love sarcastic cunning people.

3. Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
This one I couldn’t really explain, I don’t agree with her on everything she says, but I really like how she’s like she wants to be. It makes you want to be like you want to be as well, therefore to think about who you want to be. And I think that’s what Friends should « do ».

This week Top Ten :

Coziest Places to Read/Favorite Places to Read

Again, I don’t have 10 of them, because I don’t read in that many different places.

1. My bed.
Bed isn’t really the most comfortable place to read, but I like it. And my favourite time to read is before sleeping, so it’s quite logical. I like being able to just close my book, swich the light off, and think and/or dream about it without getting up. Getting up is getting back to reality, and that’s something I avoid as much as possible (my mom and dad would seriously complain about this).

2. My former couch
Yes, former. Sadly. But my sister owns it now, it’s not dead yet.
Sitting, lying, in a weird but comfortable position, everything was good to read on that couch.

3. The train
Last year and the year before, I had to catch the train every day to go to the IUT and to go back to home. Fortunately, I found myself able to read during this time, which I wasn’t before (miracle alert !). And the seats (not the most recent) were perfect. If I wasn’t reading, I was sleeping.

4. Sitting on a table or another kitchen surface
Now I come to think about it, I guess it’s because this way, I can sit without having my feet on the ground and I can feel like a little girl/get away from the real world more easily.

5. The staff room @ work
I spend quite a fair amount of time in the staff room, so it’s almost natural that I come to read there too. Not a favourite place, but ok. Especially when I can use the couch 😀 (I once fell asleep in that couch ;o).

6. The bus/car
The last of this Top Ten But Actually Six. Not really because I don’t like it, but because it gives me headache. Although I remember that when I was younger, we were probably going to meet some of our family, and I could not really stop reading. I’d stop like, 5 or 10 minutes, and even though I had that f*cking headache and was beginning to feel sick, it was to hard to stop reading.
It was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.


Ten Character’s I’d Like to Be Best Friends With

Une réflexion sur “Double Ten

  1. (Je joue les paresseuses, je réponds en français, mais si tu veux, je pourrais traduire… plus tard xD)

    J’aime ton numéro 1 ^^ Et je plussoie à tout ce que tu as dit. Ginny est vraiment une fille formidable, et je regrette d’autant plus de voir à quel point ils l’ont rendue niaise et fade dans les films…

    Pour le deuxième Top Ten, je rajouterais ma chaise de bureau avec les pieds sur le bureau (c’est une chaise de ministre, super confortable xD) et les escaliers. J’adore m’asseoir sur des escaliers pour lire. Ça me fait penser à tous ces films anciens qui se passent dans des pensionnats ou des grandes maisons et où on voit les enfants jouer dans des escaliers, ou bien y lire et écrire…

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