week-end Anti-Twilight (suite)

Il y a quelques mois, Robert Pattinson a dit :

« When I was reading them I didn’t know how to read it from a teenage girl- or really any kind of woman’s perspective, I guess. I don’t know why they like it. What I thought was weird about it was when I read it, it seemed like… I was convinced that Stephenie was convinced that she was Bella and that it was like a book that wasn’t supposed to be published. And you’re reading, like, her sort of sexual fantasy about some… especially when she says it was based on a dream and it’s like ‘Oh, I’ve met this–I’ve this dream about this sexy guy!’ and she just writes this book about it. And some things about Edward are so specific, I was just convinced… like ‘This woman is mad. She’s completely mad and she’s in love with her own fictional creation…’ And sometimes you feel uncomfortable reading this… And I think a lot of people feel that in the same way it’s kind of voyeuristic and it creates this kind of sick pleasure. »

Other Pattinson classics:

– “When you read the book,” says Pattinson, looking appropriately pallid and interesting even without makeup, “it’s like, ‘Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself.’ I mean, every line is like that. He’s the most ridiculous person who’s so amazing at everything. I think a lot of actors tried to play that aspect. I just couldn’t do that. And the more I read the script, the more I hated this guy, so that’s how I played him, as a manic-depressive who hates himself. Plus, he’s a 108-year-old virgin so he’s obviously got some issues there.”

– “Pattinson: Whenever we kiss, I just try to kill her all the time.
Stewart: And I love that. She’s a total sadomasochist, if you think about it.
Pattinson: And I’m just gay.
Stewart: Or impotent.”

– “I don’t do anything but go to screaming sessions anymore,” Pattinson said. “I don’t know what my actual life is now.”

– “As soon as [Robert Pattinson] comes into cash, [he] has a tendency to blow it all anyway. ”Not on cars, obviously,” he laughs. ”I have very, very low expenditures, but still I manage to spend it all. I guess Hot Pockets are more expensive than I thought.”

Source: Cleolinda.

Come on :D, some reactions from Twilight girls :

  • how dyu know he hates twilight
    i dont like him
    hes a terrible actor
    he is a traitor to hp – he went and joined the dark side of the bookshelf (j’adore cette expression !)
  • He is an idiot who can’t act and he is disgusting he hasn’t taken a shower in 4 years! He admitted it in an interview. EW!
  • see personally, i respect him a whole lot more for it.
  • *bakes him cookies*
  • I thought similar things like Robert, but I DO like the books. Maybe its because hes a guy reading the books that he finds it sick?
    -> Im a girl and I find it pretty sick
  • In a way I admire his candor, but in another way, I think « Then why the hell did you get involved with this project if you find it so repellent? » (The girl ;))
  • Wait, he was in Harry Potter? Oh wow haha, that’s ironic cause the only thing I avoid more than Twilight is harry potter :/.
  • Both my mom and I agree; Rob is gross. (Is it a Parents’ matter ?? XD GOOD, Rob is a dinner conversation subject, that’s the beginning of a HUGE career, hahaha)
    It’s just our opinion, so don’t go bashing us.
    He doesn’t was (I suppose it’s « wash ») his hair…like at all. He said so himself on Jay Leno.
    Personally, I’m a Kellan Lutz fan anyway. (Yay, team Beverly Hills, great, so, ever heard about humor ?)(And I say that, having seen one episode and a half, I sincerely was a sheep on this case ;o)


Alors, j’en suis venue à cette conclusion à propos des acteurs du film. On a pu constater qu’ils étaient très proches les uns des autres. On devine des conversations antérieures entre Kristen et Rob (au moins) à propos de Twilight, et visiblement ils en pensent la même chose (et j’ai envie de dire que c’est double score pour Kristen, puisque c’est une fille et qu’elle avait 17 ans). Donc je pense que ce qui a fait la cohésion des acteurs, et donc le peu de qualité du film (mis à part les paysages, qui perso ne m’ont pas émerveillée du tout), c’est le fait qu’ils n’aiment pas Twilight. Ils l’ont à peu près tous dit, ils ne pensaient pas du tout que ce serait un tel succès… Alors je trouve ça très amusant. Vraiment.

Et vous savez quoi ? Le pire dans tout ça, c’est que j’irai sans doute voir New Moon, pour la rigolade. Sérieusement, vous avez vu la bande-annonce ? C’est encore plus prometteur que le premier « chapitre » si on le considère comme un film comique.

(Ceci était un billet programmé, parce que j’ai miraculeusement déjà reçu State of Play, et que je vais y passer le reste de mon WE *bounce*)

4 réflexions sur “week-end Anti-Twilight (suite)

  1. J’adore l’affiche elle est très drole; moi aussi j’irais probablement voir New moon même si je sais que ce sera aussi mauvais que le premier mais dès fois un bon navet ça fait du bien mais je ne suis pas sur qu’il sera plus mauvais que Twilight, faut voir…

    1. Je ne pense pas non plus qu’il soit pire, j’espère que le budget plus élevé aura des conséquences heureuses. En tout cas, il semblerait que le surplus ne soit pas passé dans le maquillage, toujours aussi ridicule ^^.

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